Ashley Cole arrested, later released!

Ashley Cole, Chelsea footballer was arrested on Thursday on charges of drunk and disorderly conduct and later let off for a fine. The incident happened outside London’s The Collection Bar and Restaurant as he swore at the police officers after being frustrated with paparazzi.

He was then taken to the nearest police station and given a ₤80 penalty and later let off. Cole released a statement apologizing to the police officers and said that though he had consumed alcohol but it was within limits and not too much. He also said that he lost his cool after being irritated with some paparazzi and lashed out. He admitted that he was warned by the police officers to calm down or face arrest and regretted not listening to them.

A police officer later confirmed that no further action was to be taken against the footballer. Manager of The Collection, Burim Maraj added that Cole had been drinking at the bar with his Chelsea team mates including Captain John Terry. Chelsea Spokesperson confirmed that Cole had been detained but didn’t speak anything further about the reasons.

Before being arrested, Cole had been to a charity event for fund raising.

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