Barcelona Lift The Ultimate Prize!


The evening at the Stadio Olimpico began much the same way in which United have started most of the games in this competition. The English club had all the possession, and looked very threatening in front of goal. The side had created five chances in the first eight minutes, and the initial assumption was that there would be no stopping the Manchester based club.

However, Barca finally managed to mount their first attack, and score against the run of play. After painting half the picture, Iniesta let Eto’o to dance past Vidic and put the ball past Van der Sar. This shocked the English fans, and the extent of the blow was clearly visible on the faces of the players.

This goal appeared to knock the stuffing out of United, and they appeared preoccupied in the misery of being a goal down in a Cup final, while the Catalan club competently controlled the midfield. As the teams headed into the halftime break, Sir Alex needed a supremely inspirational talk to bring his boys back on track.

With around twenty minutes to go, the designated visitors appeared to be getting back into the game. But a magical ball by Xavi picked out Messi, who headed the ball home beautifully. This goal came as the final nail in the coffin of a side that could have, should have, but did not perform to optimum potential. But one may feel that even at their best, they may not have been able to outperform the Blaugrana on this day.

The Spanish giants lifted the Champions League trophy, and Pep Guardiola became the youngest manager to win this trophy. He also joined a select group of players who have won this accolade as a player, and a manager.

Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United

Eto’o 10 (B), Messi 70 (B)

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