Classy Catalans beat a Mess-i Man United


The Champions League Final played out in front of a packed crowd in Stadio Olimpico, Rome last night had all the traits of a thriller movie. There was early suspense created by Manchester United, there was drama of the Ronaldo/Messi face off, there was superb play displayed by the Barca players in the last 80 minutes of the match and there was the customary joy at the end. All that it takes to create a perfect 90 minute story. Only the loser didn’t have too much of a part to play. So much for the hype created pre-match, Manchester United were surely outclassed by a superior and better moving side in Barcelona.

The first 10 minutes of the match had what Manchester United does best, aggression and total possession but the moment Samuel Eto’o broke through Edwin Van Der Sar’s castle, it was all Barca. The goalie looked slow at times and didn’t live up to expectations. Messi rubbed salt on their wounds in the 70th minute as he mounted a classy header in the net. Man U had no answer to the swift and sharp display of football The Catalans displayed to emerge the Leaders of Europe.

Taking to the field after a rusty period of no games for 11 days showed in their slow moves. Anderson was no match for midfielders Xavi and Andres Iniesta. The latter just coming off an injury scare did his job so well and proved why he is the most sought after midfielder in European Club Football. Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbativ and Carlos Tevez were almost invisible on the field. Tevez had a last chance to prove himself when substituted for Anderson but failed badly. The defences of Carrick and Vidic was rusty at times and Rio Ferdinand didn’t look fit enough to play.

Christian Ronaldo lost the battle of the swifts to Lionel Messi who clearly is the best in Europe. The man with the short height but tall football moves proved his class and pay packet. But Ronaldo was one man who didn’t rise to the occasion and prove his £220k a week worth.

Over all, the physical capabilities and mental toughness of the Spanish side was much better than the English club. Barca won and are the true champs of European Club Football. But they have certainly have raised fingers on the supremacy of Manchester United!

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