Beer Keg Chiller and Dispenser for the lads!

beer-keg-chiller-and-dispenser_mainBeer Keg Chiller and Dispenser hold pressurised and non-pressurised kegs and so easy to use! What a great way to lure everybody for a quick cocktail after work. Make your house your local with this 5 litre beer keg chiller and dispenser that come with its own taps, cooler, drip and glass trays.

With beer Keg Chiller and Dispenser you can serve your beer and mix drinks in style, perfectly chilled. This AC/DC beer chiller and dispenser can be used in the home, boat or camper to serve cold beer anywhere, anytime.

Unlike most drink dispensers out there this incredible machine has a built in chiller that works with most brands of mini kegs and is extremely easy to clean. It is ideal for family parties. You’ll never have to worry about warm beverages With a sleek and modern design and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning, the beer keg chiller and dispenser is sure to be a highlight of any home bar.

With Beer keg chiller and dispenser you can enjoy the match on your wide screen TV, crack open a few packs of peanuts and enjoy cold draft beer from the comfort of your own living room. A beer keg chiller and dispenser is a necessity for the beer lovers who are passionate about their bar.

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