Dramatic stage set for the South Africa World Cup 2010

The World’s most exciting, popular and costliest competition had the final draw of the Groups in South Africa which turned out to be an exciting draw that has been ideal for many but nightmares for a few. The 32 teams have been divided into 8 groups of 4 teams each.

Group A naturally has the hosts South Africa along with Mexico, Uruguay and France. This is quite an outstanding group with Mexico, Uruguay and the hosts fancying a similar type of football. France would have always have higher expectations.

Group B comprise one of the most popular nations if not the favorites, Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea and Greece. This is another challenging group and nothing really can be predicted other than Argentina having the best chance of going through as the toppers.

Group C has United States, Algeria, Slovenia and finally England. This has been a lucky one for England where there are suggestions that the easiest Group ever for England in the history of the World Cup. Many of the British Tabloids have marked this as the “best English Group since Beatles” but as a matter of fact everybody knows this is the easiest of all for the team who are into this competition with a lot of expectation this time. Fabio Capello has rightly warned his team against complacency and said that the apparently easy group might actually not be that easy in reality. But England are favorites to be the group toppers.

Group D has Germany, Australia, Ghana and Serbia. This has been termed as an interesting Group and Germany are the favorites to take the lead at the top.

Group E has Netherlands, Denmark, Cameroon and Japan. This is termed as a dangerous Group with all four desperate to set their mark and nobody is really a favorite in this Group with everything to play for.

Group F has Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand and Slovakia. The World Champions can look towards their Group and it’s encouraging for them to return to form on the big stage and they would be the favorites to top the group.

Group G finally is the Group of Death in the World Cup 2010 with Portugal, Brazil, Ivory Coast and North Korea. Didier Drogba wanted to avoid playing England in the same group but he never knew there was much more in store. Brazil would be really the favorites to tope the Group but a major upset might happen anytime.

Group H has one of the favorites Spain, Switzerland, Honduras and Chile. It seems apparently to be a cake walk for Spain and they are real favorites to advance being at the top.

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