Liverpool scrambles to victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers

Liverpool just managed to pull out a victory last night against a threatening Wolverhampton Wanderers. Liverpool had to win this one against a much organized side of Wolverhampton Wanderers. Thankfully the joint efforts of both Steven Gerrard and Yossi Benayoun helped the team overcome this uphill task, but only after Wolverhampton Wanderers were reduced to 10men.

Liverpool began well with the efforts of Glen Johnson which failed to produce results. Both Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres kept the American goalkeeper on his toes almost throughout the first half. But as the Wolves started to gain confidence Liverpool’s lapses in defense became quite evident. Wolverhampton Wanderers managed to sustain possession for a major section of the second half as Liverpool started to move to quick passing strategy.

It was only in this half that the drama unfolded. The successive fowls by Ward helped him earn two yellows and a red card. Once they were reduced to ten men it was only a matter of time before Liverpool capitalized.  62 minutes into the second half Steven Gerrard managed to get one past Hahnemann that came from the foot of Emiliano Insua.

The Wolverhampton Wanderers reinforced their defense by bingeing in Michael Mencienne. But that didn’t help either. Even though the home side was far from their best they still managed to increase their lead by one more thanks to Benayoun who capitalized a defection of Karl Henry. The second goal coming in the 70th minute of the much pretty much sealed the fate of the match. With minutes to spare Jay spearing replaced Benayoun to ensure the result stayed unchanged till the end of the match. Liverpool fans can now breathe a sigh of relief with this much needed win that has put them right back on track for the title.  

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