Pompey players up for sale to wade off debt

Debt -hit Portsmouth have been forced to sell players to recover from the situation. Chief Executive of the club, Peter Storrie has confirmed that they are looking for buyers all the star players to avoid the club from going down.

The club has been going through a financial crisis for sometime but matters became worse as the club couldn’t give the players wagers for December. But lately it has been announced by executive director Mark Jacob that the players will be paid their £3m wages after funding had been secured overnight.

Pompey have had a troubled Premier League season with both finances and form eluding them. They have been banned currently from making any new player purchases. It has alse been revealed that Premier League will be paying off the club’s debts by using their share of TV money. Pompey owe £7m to Chelsea, Tottenham and Watford each.

Owing to its money crunch, the club is also not able to extend the loan contract of Jamie O’Hara. And it is willing to sell any of its main players to recover the misery now. Fratton Park has seen some protests against the owners and board members of the club as fans resented the fact that they had failed to save the club crisis.

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