Man City prepares for a £100million bid for Fernando Torres

Megabucks ‘City’ are on a buying spree again as they prepare a £100million bid for Spaniard Fernando Torres this summer. If the transfer takes place then it would even beat the eye-opening bid of £80million of Ronaldo from United to Real Madrid.

Regarded as a star forward, the Liverpool player will earn a £200,000 a week salary if he moves to Eastlands. Roberto Mancini has reportedly got the green from his rich owners at Manchester City to prepare this huge bid. He has kept in mind the fact that this big money will be something impossible for the Kops owners to refuse.

Torres is currently out following an injury and reportedly a small surgery but his form is something that has won Liverpool many tournaments. The 25 year old striker along with skipper Steven Gerrard are the main stay of the REDS side and Rafael Benitez will surely flex all his muscles to keep him at Anfield. But if the money is to the tune it is being rumoured then Anfield management is sure to consider wading off their money woes in exchange for their star.

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