Become James Bond and Help Great Ormond Street too!

zip-sliding-at-West-HamGo on – You would all like to become James Bond , even for 5 minutes… Well this will give you the opportunity to zip down a line in an even better location than 007 himself ever had the chance!

Well imagine zipping from the top of  London’s West Ham Stadium , 75 foot up in the air , down onto pitch ! Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital have had their PR guys & gals working hard to come up with amazing stuff like this!

You need not apply if you are of faint heart or not dressed for the occasion – At 30 MPH it could be a cold descent – though if you are (wo)man enough to compete – get your fund-raising hat on and raise some well needed cash for GOSH.

You can signup on their site – and for more information , take a look at the Zip Slide page!

We think this is not one to bypass/avoid/sidestep – Signup today and get that adrenaline rush you’re looking for and get that cash to GOSH!

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