Punters Are Backing Brazil All The Way According to The Latest World Cup Odds

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All three World Cups which were held outside of Europe and South America were won by Brazil. This bit of trivia hasn’t been lost on punters, who have been putting their money on Dunga’s men making it all the way to the final in the first World Cup to be held in Africa.

Can you name the only nation to win a World Cup outside of their own continent? The hint is in the title. Brazil are the only nation to do this and they have done it three times – Sweden 1958, USA 1994, South Korea + Japan in 2002. Many teams will struggle with the climate change when hitting South Africa, but Brazil have proven themselves time and time again as one of the most adaptable team in the world. The Brazil World Cup Odds are shortening as we get closer and closer to the tournament. There is still time for them to enter the tournament as the favourites.

The European Champions are currently the World Cup favourites, but the latest Spain World Cup Odds shows they’re just hanging in there by the skin of their teeth. The fact that no European team has ever won the World Cup outside of Europe and a slightly disappointing prep is making punters put their money elsewhere.

Going by the stats, the host country or countries from that continent always do extremely well. Judging the African sides, the bookies have Ivory Coast as the best of the bunch with star players like Drogba. But, Ivory Coast is stuck in an extremely tough group with Brazil and Portugal. Even if they manage to make it past the group stage they are likely to meet Spain in the second round. They’re basically doomed from the start. The host country South Africa stands a better chance, as they have some top players and have the home advantage. They should definitely make it past the group stage and who knows maybe they could make World Cup history and be the first African World Cup winners.

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