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Welcome to my blog I am Dave Disco I’m 32 years old I currently live in Swansea and I am (I think I may have mentioned this in intro) a TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR fan and along with a former colleague have become researchers of the weird and wonderful world of the bizarre football. We are embarking in writing a book that is full of questions and facts about the unknown side of football.

So lets get this thing up and running and none of that rubbish intro I did last week. So after endless lunch breaks, 1st and 2nd breaks spent researching football for this blog can make me a very tired boy. I promised myself to write no less then 1000 words, but my computer is old and decrepit and barely allows me to write but hey I will try.

I’m just gonna jump right in (but not very high) and was surprised to hear that Sven Goran Eriksson was interested in the Nottm Forest job and then even more surprised that they chose a guy who was the Crawley Town manager, the board must have looked at SGE record and realised that final 8 is not always good. To be fair though even if 8th does not get a play off position at least they not going down to league 1 where I think the new manager Sean O’Driscoll wanted to play his former team in the league within a year. Well enough of that i’m sure Sean will do a fab job in the Forest hot seat. I currently get weekends off so any football that happens during the week and has an early kick off, i.e. European quals I can sometimes miss unless I crash my computer to get on the website of UEFA, but I had to do this and I did, It began with high hopes of a few British clubs and ended in misery for them all except a fantastic 50 yard free kick that a GK cocked up and saw Portadown reach the next round. ( Ya gotta love Sunday league football).

On Monday I was watching the news and the realisation that I would miss the majority of the Olympics because of work, but hey sacrifices had to be made and I keep thinking if I quit my job would it be like leaving Beckham out of the Team GB squad. NO!!! it wouldn’t be I’m not that good and I certainly can’t get away with bending like the man himself (I work in telecoms) kicking a football would not be a good idea.

I am a football freak, I can name you the 19 teams that have played in top flight football but never once in the premier league, and to be a geek about it I will do it alphabetically. Accrington FC, (not Stanley) so leave out the “who are they……..Exactly”. Bradford Park Avenue, Yep its true.Brentford, This 1 surprised me abit but my sources never lie Brighton & Hove Albion, My brother Shane supports the The Albion so he was quick to confirm this was a true statement, im assuming he was sitting down proud when he wrote to confirm this probably with a cheesy grin on his chops. Bristol City, Who needs the “Wave to my MUM” David James to put Bristol City on the map. Bury FC, Yet another club to suffer from having a small support base. Cardiff City, The Blues/Reds not Blues actually they are The Reds have been in top flight and to make any Swans fan or Jacks happy still never in Prem so abit immature but ner ner ner ner ner ner. Carlisle Utd, Who could forget these giants of Cumbria. Darwen, Charles did not have a team so stop Googling to see if i made a typo. Glossop FC, A team that sounds like the noise makes when you pour it too fast in a cup (trust me when you try it OOOOHHHH and you will try it, just remember to clear up the mess) Grimsby Town FC, Another surprise in the list, I blame a certain Fish and Chips company for holding them back, they seem to “cast” a shadow over the town. Huddersfield Town FC, 1 of 2 teamsto have won a league title but never played in Premier league.Leyton Orient, WTF has Barry Hearn(e) done giants of east london tut tut. Luton Town, Founding members of the premier league however were relegated in tha last ever old div 1.Millwall, The roughest team have played in top flight. Northampton Town, WHAT!!! This rugby town have donned Old Trafford and Anfield WOW!!! Notts County, another founding member yet to play. Oxford Utd, These guys were good they won the league cup in their 1st season in top flight but for “the Heysel” ban could not play in europe. Preston North End, Last but not least the other title winners along with Huddersfield never to play in prem.

My fingers are starting to hurt so im gonna go for a break and start my dinner…………………………………………….So chicken burgers yes burgers in tow and I come across an article that Chelsea trained at an airport I heard it was a runway success and it was plane to see that they were looking abit jet lagged…Oh dear I will stop. With a mouthful of chicken and burger sauce I was happy to hear that Fabrice Muamba was carrying the Olympic flame, I was actually in hospital with appendicitis when the man collapsed on the pitch, and I am so happy to see him up and about, as though he plays for a team I do not support no player or fan should have to suffer from injuries or worse. But I saw the clip on the news and I had to do a double take as I thought they got their VT’s mixed up as it looked like they hired Howard Brown (famed as the natwest guy) and I started to squirm at the thought of Lord Coe losing his marbles.

I was given permission to use the company I work for in my blog….So I work for Virgin Media, but they did impose some sanction, well just 1 and that was that I had to refer to VM as “The awesome Virgin Media” So I work in the mobile tech support team, and no you cant have a discount. I don’t get much time to research but as I stated earlier they are kind enough to allow me breaks however recently my phone signal is terrible in the building, yes the irony is overwhelming. So I have had to keep glancing over to the tv’s they have, that either show repeat episodes of FRIENDS or Sky Sports News, I was interested to read that on the day of the Team GB Friendly with Brazil, #SSN (yes I like my acronyms) reported that Neymar was confident of Gold…..hang-on I thought it was a friendly and we giving medals out already. I could not get that out of my head all day and I obviously knew what they meant but it just looked bizarre in how it was told and every so often I would just laugh to myself, they then reported that Stuart Pearce has been talking about the experience and influence of Ryan Giggs and talking about penalties. Brilliantly during the match Giggs was nowhere to be seen “he had a quiet game” was not the case the whole team were awful, but British player Marvin Sordell entered the fray and all I kept thinking was “my god his eyes are really bulgy (not sure if word)” and I was waiting for Guinness to send their guy onto the field of play to confirm a new world record.

I am nearly done I promise I apologise if ya fell or are falling asleep but 3 things to mention. Firstly Congratulations to Steph Houghton who scored Team GB Ladies 1st ever goal and I have to apologise to Portadown in claiming they played Sunday league football I just watch Team GB ladies play. Welshman/British player Craig Bellamy also scored for the Team GB men, 50 odd years was the last time GB scored in a football match. I was also waiting for Alan Hansen to claim that Team GB would not win anything with kids but no such luck.

And finally I cringed when I read that Michael Carrick has announced he would come out of retirement to play for England again, well I have 1 word for that……………………………… SCHOLES!!!

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