Stop the chanting!!! Insight on Football Chanting – Must Read!

Come on you reds”, “Come on you blues”, “There’s only 1 team in London”, Chants brilliantly sung by millions of fans every season across the world. Whether you support a multi million pound club or a club that relies on players to pay their way you support them through thick and thin. The lower down the pyramid the more likely you are to see locals helping their club, and during the game these fans will usually be the loudest, whether through voice or with instruments.

However there is a side to chanting that is sick and surely people (not fans) who decide to conduct themselves in these chants should now be banned from football grounds across this nation. I like banter and will always enjoy a game of banter, whether it be verbal or written but I draw the line.

If you are seen slurring a player using racial abuse you are rounded up and banned and quite right too, so surely having fans chant about club that may have a dark day in its history is just as bad as racial abuse. Now don’t get me wrong im not trivialising Racism what so ever if you are caught doing it and you get punished happy days, what I don’t like is the chanting to other fans that will almost certainly offend many more people in the stadium at home it evens hurts and offends journalists as fair play to them they highlight the issue at hand and 9 x out of 10 will get it right.

So what am I talking about…..well I’m talking about the sickening chants to the Manchester United fans about Munich, the truly disgraceful chants aimed at Liverpool FC about Hillsborough. People who get themselves involved in these chants are not football fans they are thugs and would nothing better then to see British football back to the doldrums of hooliganism before during and after our beloved game. The fans make their point I have heard the disgusting chants by fans about munich and thankfully fans of the same team do boo this disrespect but is it enough?.

Many lives were lost in both disasters, fans and players alike lost their lives whilst in the midst of a footballing matter, whether it was on the pitch on that fateful day in Sheffield 15th April 1989 in the FA Cup Semi Final between Liverpool FC and Nottingham Forest, or whether in a plane attempting to take off for the 3rd time on 6th February 1958. However many lives were lost certain fans (lets be clear it is a minority) however think its right to chant on the subject. These are then the same fans that believe its wrong for another clubs supporter to chant about their catastrophe. Let me end it now IT IS WRONG PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

I support a club that has accepted its early chanting against it and it’s a way that Spurs fans now acknowledge each other. “You a yid” “yeah are you a yid” “yeah” That seems to have been accepted without too much heartache though I do understand that many people of the Jewish community frown upon its distastefulness, however my argument is its simple banter not meant to harm or vilify anyone, its an adopted name. When I hear the Liverpool fans happily might I add chant about the munich disaster I don’t just frown I become physically ill at the thought of people wanting to try and ruin what is usually a pulsating encounter between 2 of the greatest clubs in the world, yet im even more dumbfounded that the fans who quite rightly sneer and show their disgust at the chants aimed at them now participate in a role reversal and start leading the chants about Hillsborough. I do have a solution not only ban these morons, imbeciles, degenerates how about punishing the club.

“you cant do that” I hear you shout “why not” I retort….Look at it this way if the powers that be can punish a club for a fan(s) running onto the field of play then they can use the same rule for this disgusting habit we seem to have found ourselves into. I would like to point out that its not just Liverpool FC or Manchester United FC fans that are guilty of this atrocity, many clubs up and down the land have fans who will partake in this chanting. It doesn’t just happen in Britain it happens in any league that has a club that has suffered a catastrophe.

FIFA and the governing bodies of the confederations need to end this now, its not an overnight job and will take months maybe years to introduce but surely all they need to do is if a club has fans that are found guilty then ban the fan but punish the club. Punishment should be fitting I don’t want a financial punishment, I would like to see points deducted and not a measly 1 or 2 why not go the whole hog and apply a 10 point deduction. This may seem harsh but if we can put the vile chanting behind us and continue with the bantering and chanting in and out of the stadium the better football will become. I know people are gonna say “well I support such and such a club and I hate this club” personally that’s fine you will probably have better banter with the opposition.

My best friend is and Aresenl FC fan but I never use derogetory remarks against him, however I do slag the club off with a few “your team is crap” so on and so forth. If Arsenal FC were involved in a disaster (and heres hoping they are not) I would not use that to my advantage just to get 1 over my mate, I know he would be correctly distraught so I will offer him my sorrows.

I hope you all agree with me in that it needs to stop and I hope that if you did hear chanting about an air disaster or a fan being killed abroad that you yourself would not get involved.

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