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Its Monday 30th July 2012 4 days into the Olympics and the Spanish football team already going home, 1 more match then nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah hheeeeyyeeyyy goodbye!!! That actually ruined the beginning of this blog as I started writing yesterday that Spain lost their 1st match at the World 1-0 to the Swiss and they lose their 1st match here against Japan, but who would have thought the mighty Bra……….”what it wasn’t Brazil that beat them then who was it” “HONDURAS !!!” Oh well at least Team GB beat Sene…..”They didn’t…….., but they beat UAE right….good” So Olympic football quite interesting I would just like to say what a cracker of a goal by team GB very own Sturridge and by Brazilian player Oscar.

I had an eye on all the friendlies that were going on and I noticed that a few teams were embarking on tours of the USA and Swansea City played the likes of Colorado Rapids and lost and the unknown Ventura County Fusion (I believe they are from California) and won, Spurs also went on a tour of the USA and drew 1-1 against LA Galaxy and then played Giants of US Soccer Liverpool, Oh hang on they actually the Liverpool the 5 time euro champs 18 time league winner. EH!!! Why are 2 teams that playing each other in league meeting in a friendly in a foreign climb ridiculous.

Back to the Olympics I was  watching highlights of the Team GB women VS Cameroon Ladies after the result they showed up on the subtitles that GB player Dieke is out of the Olympics, the people I was with also saw this and a rapture of applause as they all thought that Team GB actually had a player called “Dyke”. Apologies to anyone that finds that offensive but in that particular moment it was very funny. Rangers FC “new co” won their 1st match which in turn also happened to be their 1st match in the Ramsden Cup as they beat Brechin City FC 2-1 aet. This got me thinking so a challenge for you guys. Brechin City are 1 of 3 teams in the Scottish league to have a body part in their name, can you name the other 2. The rules are simple it has to be as it is spelled and not pronounced so ABEARDeen is not 1 and u cant have HAMIlton Academicals just because everyone uses it. So 3 teams OKAY!!!

I am currently watching the Olympics its that time if the day where football is not on tv at moment so I drearly agreed with myself to watch handball WOW!!! What a sport fast paced, action packed and full of goals but ruined when its come to the final whistle and it’s a rugby score, so got me thinking if a footballer can be penalised for handball, can a handball player be penalised with football? If you know let me know im intrigued.

Okay back to some proper football, Paul Gascoigne made me laugh, Its Tuesday and I am feeling terrible my back is killing me but the show must go on so I flicking through papers to read that Gazza himself admitted that he thought bacon came from sheep, to be fair I have had bacon that tasted so bad it was mutton dressed as lamb. Anyway leave my Gazza alone he was my hero when growing up and I remembered the tears in Italia 90 but he wasn’t alone I cried too, twice in fact when he cried and then the waddle penalty.

I’m still not feeling well the back issue is worsening but I did watch Team GB women beat Brazil 1-0 but what caught my eye was the Brazilian player Marta, The commentator was brilliant as when she received the ball he said this “what a pass to Marta”. Could they actually get a medal though, I am confident that Team GB will reach semis and then take it from there. Btw I am still laughing at Paul Gascoigne which isn’t good as its hurting my back (reason, why not at work).

Motherwell lost last night (remember its currently Wednesday) to Greek giants Panathinaikos 2-0 and unless they perform an absolute miracle then Celtic will be only Scottish rep in Champions league……up until September anyway. I am watching the rowing at the moment and if u don’t believe that I write this through the week then Team GB currently have 0 golds, and I am flicking through to see if I can find highlights of the football as there were plenty of matches last night and missed a couple of the matches but Canada ladies qualified for the quarter finals too well done to the wannabe Americans/French.

Thursday evening is upon us and I am feeling better despite still have a crocked back, and I am just reviewing everything I have written down, my computer decides to tell me that Microsoft is corrupt (nothing I didn’t already know) but thankfully I write things down on my Blackberry notepad (I am not sponsored I promise ;)=). Celtic won JUST…. And I cannot believe that Spain were knocked out of the Olympics without actually scoring a goal…Who needs Torres? Spain do. Team GB men beat Uruguay 1-0 and topped their group and will face South Korea in Quarters, Suarez has complained that the national anthem was booed….I watched the match all the way through and not once did I hear booing from anyone during the anthems, however they did boo you Suarez and your cheating team mates.

BreCHIN City, PeterHEAD and HEART of Midlothian are the clubs that have body parts within their name, cant really do it with English clubs so many chests would be like the Chippendales and also Arsenal and the Irons (well done if you got that). I bet you thought I would forget, well ner ner ner ner ner ner. God i’m so childish. Just to let you know next week blog will be a preview of the forthcoming season in British Yes British league football, but I may add a few congrats to people at the Olympics. Team B currently have 5 golds now so well done Peeps keep it up.

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