Time for Arsenal to show the fans what they’re worth – Arsenal AGM today

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The Arsenal AGM took place at the Emirates Stadium earlier today. Wenger was last to speak after some heated exchanges involving investors and the board. Frustrations ran deep and if I was a sports betting man , I would imagine that some well placed money on Arsene Wegner’s side would be well spent. Arsenal will make a come back.

He opened his speech by apologizing to the room with “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry for last night“. Last night of course being the reference to the Arsenal 0 – 2 defeat to Schalke , at home in The Emirates of all places.

“A complete lack of trophies since 2005 is often held up as the main reason for fan discontent at Arsenal but, while admittedly a potent source of shame for proud followers of a club with a long history of success, this is not the case,” said Liam Twomey on Goal.com.

Wegner went on to say ‘our job is not to talk, but to produce performances.’ So I’m not very comfortable today, to speak to you‘ which at least shows an acknowledgement of the fact that this team needs to buck up and start winning trophy’s to keep fans and investors interested.

We can hear echoes of  “come back Robin van Persie  , all is forgiven..” but of course he was sold… Time for Arsenal to show what they’ve got and money might not be enough!

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