Western Union PASS Fun – Liverpool top the Passes! Win Tickets #Liverpool v #YoungBoys

We mentioned a while back abount the great work being done by the crew at Western Union and their PASS fund.

There are now over 83,000 passes registered which equates to one day of education for those Children and young adults who normally wouldnt benefit. Pass will initially focus on supporting education in eleven countries: Brazil, China, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Romania, Russia and Turkey.

They currently have an exciting competition where you can win tickets if you retweet any of the following based on your preference for Matchday.

Liverpool Tickets – ‘Follow @wu_PASS and RT to win tix to see #Liverpool v #YoungBoys live in the #UEL #EuropaLeague this Thursday. More info–> wu-pass.org’

Athletico Madrid Tickets – ‘Sigue a @wu_PASS y RT y gana entradas para ver el #AtleticoMadrid v #Hapoel de la #UEFA #EuropaLeague este jueves: http://t.co/TfkyYNvI’

Marseille Tickets – ‘Suivez @wu_PASS et RT pour gagner des places pour le match d’#UEFA #EuropaLeague #Marseille / #Fenerbache de jeudi: http://t.co/crKV0pLm’

We thought we would alsso post their very interesting infographics – one of many from here. This shows the top player countrys for passes. Click to see large version.

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