Betting on the Premier League – Dogfights and Safaris – Where else?!

tiger-footballWe are getting to the white knuckle stage of the season for those Premier League clubs – and their fans – involved in the relegation battle. Those who bet on the teams to go down earlier in the season will also be holding their breath to see if their gamble pays off, and certainly a number of the sides down there were expected to be. When it comes to which teams are currently the odds-on favourites to go down, those sides already occupying the three relegation places are the clear favourites, but are they the best bets?

QPR in bottom spot have odds of 1/4 to go down, while Reading above them are rated 1/5 and Aston Villa – currently third bottom – are 8/11. Certainly a lot of people will be betting on these being the three teams to be relegated, although Wigan have odds of 10/11, and are only one place above Villa – and that only on goal difference. A key difference here though is that Wigan have prior experience of the relegation dogfight, whereas Aston Villa are a team of youngsters, who have never been in this position before. If you want a bet that might offer a better pay-out – or you just support one of the three bottom sides – then Southampton at 3/1 might be worth a shot.

After all, they sacked their manager at a strange time, and have only won once since then; leaving them a precarious three points above Wigan. Of course for supporters of the sides mired in the relegation zone the situation is tense enough without adding betting to the equation, which probably makes a game like Soccer Safari a better bet. This quirky football slots game can be found at online casino sites, or played on your phone from mobile casino ones, and features great video graphics of animals like lions, cheetahs and warthogs playing each other in a jungle World Cup football stadium. The bonus game involves having to score goals from dead ball situations, with the chance of increasing your winnings, while the maximum cash jackpot is a neat $2000, so it could prove the perfect tonic for anyone whose appetite for the game has been affected by their team’s struggles.

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