No Matter How Good You Are – Bankroll Management Matters

ws_Playing_cards_1920x1200When players come into poker for the first time they will think about how to become a better player whether through analysing their game, improving their strategies or through plugging any leaks in their game.

The problem is though, the biggest reason most players fail at poker is nothing to do with the physical aspects of action playing poker, but knowing how to manage your bankroll successfully.

Your bankroll is the money that you have set aside to partake in your poker game, whether full time or as a recreational player. This money has to be separate from everything else in your life and support your poker playing sufficiently.

Most new players have no idea of how to do just this and will deposit money onto an online poker site or go to a live casino and risk most of their bankroll in one or two games. Now, unless these players play well straight off or get lucky, they will end up losing a good portion of their bankroll.

This then means depositing more and doing the same thing again. This is no way to manage your bankroll and you will eventually either have to quit the game or at the very least minimise how much you play.

For this reason all players should be adopting much better bankroll management skills and learning to be able to stick to them strictly. The problem is that this can seem easier said than when put into practise. So why don’t you build up your poker skills at

If you were to ask any of the top professional poker players in the world about bankroll management, they would be telling you that your bankroll should be able to give your poker longevity and even being able to endure an incredibly unlucky downswing for quite some time before you would lose it all.

This means only risking a small percentage of the money you have set aside as your poker bankroll in any one game. Most pros will point at risking just five percent of theirs, but insist that new players should be looking at risking an even lower percentage. So ideally, perhaps around two to three percent would be a good place to start.

This may mean that you will have to play at far lower stakes than you had initially wished to be playing, yet it will at least allow you to last in the game for far longer without having to reload your account.

So just think about what you want from the game, either a quick gamble or a longevity that will allow you to build up your bankroll progressively and eventually enable you to play those high stakes tables…hopefully.

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