Technology and Football – Keeping Code Available!

cloudberrydriveIts not often I come across a technology that makes me put pen to paper ( or fingers to keyboard!) . The last time I got excited about technology was when goal line tracking was announced.

This time Ive invested some effort in ensuring availability of this very site. I basically backup the website to server daily and filesystem weekly , but for Development purposes ,was unsure what to setup on a Desktop level. Ive written code to DVD as backup and on various memory sticks but wanted something similar to website backup for Code sitting on Desktop.

I took a look at various products and decided on a Cloudberry Backup Product which actually acts as a Drive on my PC – Cloudberry Drive. The brilliant thing is that when you save to the Drive , you are saving your data “out to the cloud”.

Mine is my Z drive and I can be sure that all code I save is “in the cloud” in seconds. Thanks Cloudberry!

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