Messi gets a bit Messy with the Tax Officials in Spain

greenshot_2013-06-13_12-02-52With all this talk of International Tax Evasion by some of the Biggest companies in the World , its no wonder some of the Biggest football players in the World could be caught in a similar net.Well Lionel Messi has.

Im sure a visit to would give you the Odds of Mr Messi and Mr Messi Senior heading to jail for 4 years. I am not a particualr betting man but Im assuming that the Tax officials have all their homework done!

It has been alleged that Barcelona and Argentina player , regarded as one of the Worlds Greatest players has been investigated , alongside his Father Jorge,  for filing fraudulent tax returns during 2007 to 2009.

Raquel Amado , prosecutor in Catalonia filled papers against Messi yesterday claiming Messi and his Father used a very complex mix of Companies outside of Spain , mainly in Switzerland and Britain.

Via Facebook , Messi said: “We have just known through the media about the claim filed by the Spanish tax authorities. We are surprised about the news, because we have never committed any infringement.

We have always fulfilled all our tax obligations, following the advice of our tax consultants who will take care of clarifying this situation.”

As the details emerge , it looks like the alleged offences came about before Messi legally had the ability to manage his own finances and at the time that Jorge Messi was taking care of Business and related specifically to the sale of image rights.
With over £26 million in income per year , a Combindation of Football Salary and Endorsements , it looks like the Messi pair will stand trial in Gava , where Lionel Messi resides. This is however pending the decision of a Judge to accept the lawsuit.

The Argentine forward arrived in Guatemala today as his national team face the Guatemalans in an International Friendly on 15th June. The match in Estadio Nacional Mateo Flores sees Argentina arrive on Pitch with 2 previous wins.

Messi might be a class act on the pitch , lets hope his lawyers are the same off the pitch!

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