Confederations Cup – Winners , Losers and All in-between #confeds

FIFA_Confederations_Cup_Brazil_2013_logoThe world of football is setting their eyes on the Confederations Cup as it is a perfect way for clubs to see any potential signings prior to the upcoming season which is scheduled to start in August.

Group A – Brazil

There is no doubt whatsoever that Brazil and Italy are the 2 teams expected to come out in the top positions due to their history, their squad and just everything going on around them and coming as no surprise to many, they are currently at the top of their group and just 1 step away from entering the semifinals.
So far, Neymar has not disappointed Barcelona with his recent stellar performances for Brazil which has helped them maintain the top spot in Group A with 2 victories and no losses.
With 21 years of age, the Brazilian Neymar was signed by Barcelona for a transfer fee believed to be around £48.6m, he is expected to respond to the media and everyone claiming him to be the next Pele and indeed it has been working out as he is the main engine running Brazil.

Group A – Italy

Meanwhile on 2nd place sits Italy with their head chief Cesare Prandelli taking this tournament more as a guideline than anything else for the upcoming World Cup.
The former coach of Fiorentina Prandelli, took charge of Italy’s national team back in 2010 as Marcelo Lippi stepped away from the coaching role and despite having a large number of criticism and clouds of doubts around him, he guided Italy to the finals of the 2012 Euro and despite losing 4-0 they still made a great performance throughout the entire tournament.
Now he faces his next task of the Confederations Cup which so far has been nothing short of brilliant.
They started off the tournament with a narrow 2-1 victory against Mexico that saw Andrea Pirlo making his 100th appearance with the Italian jersey and now only that but also scoring a stunning free-kick which helped them march their way on their 1rst victory.
Manchester United’s Javier Hernandez tied the game up 1-1 minutes later but Mario Balotelli scored the match winner moments before the conclusion of the match.
Their next game proved to be a colossal one as they faced off against Japan in a game that concluded in a 4-3 triumph for the Italians. It is considered to be the best match so far in the tournament due to the intensity and excitement it made from start till the very end.
With no points collected Japan and Mexico have no chance on advancing any further from this point of the tournament.

Group B – Spain

Having already secured the latest World Cup, there is no doubt that Spain can and wants to claim another piece of silverware to add to their collection.
They have been cruising to the 1rst place position of their group as they are the only team of Group B to not have registered any defeats.
Nothing less can be expected from a team filled with World Class talents that have achieved greatness in one way or another.

Group B – Nigeria And Uruguay

Nigeria has made an impressive showing in this tournament as they rest in 2nd place alongside Uruguay with 3 points.
Although things are starting to look tough for them as they have to battle against Spain in their last match meanwhile Uruguay have an easier opponent to face. (Tahiti)
Tahiti lost 1-6 against Nigeria and 1-10 to Spain with no victories; it seems hard to believe that Uruguay can scramble a victory out of them.


If things continue rolling on as they are, then we will be seeing Spain Vs Italy and Brazil Vs Uruguay in the semifinals.
Spain and Brazil are the favourites of winning the entire tournament. Brazil defending their title while Spain being the top team in the world it’s going to be a match filled with stars and rivalries but Spain should be able to win it all.

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