Football Results for NAC Breda ( 1 – 2 ) Den Haag at Rat Verlegh Stadion on August 18, 2013, 1:30 pm

Football Match just over at Rat Verlegh Stadion – Eredivisie

Home Team – NAC Breda  
Goals & Scorers – 85′: penalty Alex Schalk; 
Keeper – Jelle ten Rouwelaar 
Midfield – Jeffrey Sarpong; Jordy Buijs; Tim Gilissen; 
Forwards – Elson Hooi; Alex Schalk; Anthony Lurling; 
Defense – Henrico Drost; Kees Kwakman; Kenny van der Weg; Gill Swerts; 
Subs – 80′: out Jordy Buijs;80′: in Rydell Poepon;46′: out Anthony Lurling;46′: in Mats Seuntjes;46′: in Boldiszar Bodor;46′: out Kenny van der Weg;  

Away Team – Den Haag  
Goals & Scorers – 90′: Michiel Kramer;76′: Aaron Meijers; 
Keeper – Gino Coutinho 
Midfield – Kevin Jansen; Ricky van Haaren; Danny Holla; 
Forwards – Ninos Gouriye; Mike van Duinen; Jerson Cabral; 
Defense – Tom Beugelsdijk; Aaron Meijers; Dion Malone; Vito Wormgoor; 
Subs – 90′: in Michiel Kramer;90′: out Jerson Cabral;66′: out Ninos Gouriye;66′: in Mitchell Schet;27′: out Kevin Jansen;27′: in Christian Supusepa;

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