Daily Fantasy Football – An exciting game for sport fans

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In the last decade, the number of fantasy sports players in the U.S and Canada has gone from 15 million to almost 60 million players in those two countries alone. Of all the fantasy sports, fantasy football is by far the most popular- according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, fantasy football’s 33 million players is more than all other fantasy sports players combined.

At least part of this rapid growth can be credited to the emergence of daily fantasy football. Daily fantasy football’s flexible and fast-paced style of fantasy play is captivating fantasy sports enthusiasts around the world. Players can wager actual money in one-day or one-week fantasy football contests for cash prizes, in as many leagues as they wish. In 2014, DraftKings and Fanduel, the leading two daily fantasy sports websites, payed out over half a billion dollars in prize money. Daily fantasy football is honest, legal, and legitimate- investors, athletes, and even the NFL itself are all lining up to sponsor the fastest-growing fantasy game in the industry.

“The growth itself is not surprising,” DraftKings CEO Jason Robins told USA Today Sports during an interview in April. “However I don’t think anyone could have anticipated the speed. We expected a jet plane and instead got a rocket ship. It’s testament to the mass appeal of daily fantasy sports and its unique positioning at the intersection of sports and technology.”

What’s the difference between traditional fantasy football and daily fantasy football?

Although it has similar lineup format and scoring values, daily fantasy football is much different than the traditional game. Daily leagues offer much more flexibility and faster turnaround throughout the season. To summarize:

  • Daily fantasy football websites offer daily, weekly, and multiple week leagues-contestants draft a new team each contest
    • Traditional fantasy football leagues are season-long, and allow players to draft once at the beginning of the season.
  • DFF uses a salary-cap format that allows participants to pick from any player in the NFL
    • Traditional FF uses standard turn-based drafting style, allowing teams to pick only from players that haven’t already been picked by the other teams in their league
  • DFF leagues pay out as often as you choose to play; daily, weekly, or otherwise. Leagues entry fees range from free leagues, to between $1 for beginners and north of $1,000 for high-stakes players
    • Traditional FF leagues require an entry fee at the beginning of the year, and prizes are not given out until the end of football season. Entry fees are set by the league commissioners, and since there is only one payout yearly, they are generally higher than daily fantasy entry fees
  •  DFF leagues offer a variety of league-types and sizes to their users, including guaranteed prize pool tournaments, head to head, 50/50 and many more
    • o   Traditional FF has only one game type, with commissioners setting prize payouts

 How do I get started?

Getting started with daily fantasy football is easy. There are several platforms to play, the most popular of which are DraftKings and Fanduel. Sign-up is easy, and most sites don’t require an initial deposit.

As a tip, you can use DraftKings Promo Code and get a sign up bonus of 100% (the maximum bonus you can get is $600). Check out Fantasy Football Beginner’s article for more information.

 Contest types

Daily fantasy football has multiple contest types, and understanding the risk versus reward of each type is important when choosing what type is best for you. Many players will enter lineups in multiple contest types, while some prefer to stick to just one or two. These are the basics to the most commonly played contest types

  •  Leagues

Standard leagues are for players who prefer the traditional style of fantasy football. The creator of the league will choose the entry fee, the number of teams allowed, and how the payout will be distributed.

  • Tournaments(Guaranteed Prize Pool)

These are the big money contests. Entry fees are usually low, but they have several hundred or even several thousand players competing. Only the top 10 or 20 percent of teams will get paid out. While risky, these contests pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars weekly

  • 50/50s

This contest type is for those who prefer a more conservative approach. They will often have 100 teams competing, with the top half of the field doubling their money leaving the bottom half empty-handed.

  •  Head To Head

In this contest you will compete against one other team, winner take all. Players can create their own matchups and invite an opponent, or wait for somebody else to join. This type is suited for those who wish to play against their friends, or for players who don’t like competing against a big field.

Tips and strategy for beginners

The key to winning daily fantasy leagues is proper salary management when setting your lineups. While you are able to pick from any player in the league, the salary cap won’t allow you to pick the most elite players at every position. This is where the strategy comes into play. Here are a few tips to help you start winning your contests:

  • Playing in free leagues is a great way to practice for the cash contests. Try out different drafting strategies, study your opponent’s lineups, and give yourself some time to adapt to the entire process
  • Some sites have beginner leagues where you can play against other users who are closer to your experience level
  • Pay close attention to matchups. One of the best quarterbacks might not put up elite numbers if he is facing a stout pass defense. Conversely, a mediocre player could put up elite numbers if he is facing a soft matchup. Know each team’s strength and weaknesses
  • Know who is injured. Many of these sites have indicators of a player’s injury status, but check back often in case you need to make a lineup change
  • Hunt for bargain players. There are always a few players who are underpriced but have a lot of upside for that particular week. If a star is injured, their low-salary backup could be in for a big game
  • Play multiple contests with varied lineups. This helps offset the odds that you will lose too big on any given week. If one player has an off game, he won’t destroy your chances to win that week

 So what now?

Now you’re ready to become part of the daily fantasy football craze that is sweeping the nation. While part of the appeal of these games is that there is real money to be made, it’s important to remember that fantasy football was meant to bring fans closer to the game that they love. So whether you play for cash or for free, don’t forget to have fun!


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